The Balance Reverie enhances balance-related Attributes. See "Reveries" for cost and level values.

There are four versions. All versions share the first two Attributes, the third Attribute is shared by half of the four versions, the last two Attributes are unique for each version. You can differentiate them either by upgrading to level 9 or sorting them alphabetically. (Hold on to at least on Tier I Reverie as separator.)
Version Attribute 1 Attribute 2 Attribute 3 Attribute 4 Attribute 5
A Empathy Coordination Decisiveness Tenacity Meticulousness
B Empathy Coordination Decisiveness Charm Cruelty
C Empathy Coordination Sensuality Kindness Endurance
D Empathy Coordination Sensuality Self-Preservation Bulk Apperception

Versions are in alphabetical order.

Tier I & II in Pariah
Escalante Weaver
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