Control Room[edit | edit source]

"The nerve center of Westworld, all surveillance and key decision-making happens here."

Manufacturing[edit | edit source]

"New Hosts are manufactured here using Host Codes."

Body Shop[edit | edit source]

"Hosts die with alarming speed. The Body Shop ensures Hosts are revived, patched up and are ready to be put back in rotation."

Diagnostics[edit | edit source]

"Hosts are sophisticated machines, and sometimes they malfunction. Diagnostics resolves Host bugs and glitches, and preps them to return to service."

Rebuilds[edit | edit source]

"Sacrifice unused or unwanted Hosts in rebuild cycles to create stronger, more sophisticated Host models."

Biomaterials[edit | edit source]

"Produce synth blood to repair Hosts in the Body Shop, and 3D ink to make Props."

Critical Analysis[edit | edit source]

"Earn more Host Codes in these advanced analysis interviews. All participating Hosts also earn extra XP. Proceed with caution - Hosts may have secrets you aren't prepared to hear."

Dr. Ford's Office[edit | edit source]

"Westworld's creator and director, Dr. Ford is a quixotic genius. Learn from him here, but try to make an appointment first; he's very busy."

Calibration[edit | edit source]

"The Behavior Department is always looking for ways to improve Hosts. By calibrating their software, Hosts earn XP over time."

Reveries[edit | edit source]

"Created by the world's top programming minds, reveries make Hosts more sophisticated and complex, and better able to handle difficult Guests."

Costumes and Props[edit | edit source]

"Costumes and Props works with Narrative to outfit Hosts with Props that boost their Attributes. Remember, a Host is only as effective as their tools."

This area is used to refine crafting materials, and is not yet available in the game.

Cold Storage[edit | edit source]

Coming soon! This feature will be available in a future version.

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