Control Room Edit

"The nerve center of Westworld, all surveillance and key decision-making happens here."

Manufacturing Edit

"New Hosts are manufactured here using Host Codes."

Body Shop Edit

"Hosts die with alarming speed. The Body Shop ensures Hosts are revived, patched up and are ready to be put back in rotation."

Diagnostics Edit

"Hosts are sophisticated machines, and sometimes they malfunction. Diagnostics resolves Host bugs and glitches, and preps them to return to service."

Rebuilds Edit

"Sacrifice unused or unwanted Hosts in rebuild cycles to create stronger, more sophisticated Host models."

Biomaterials Edit

"Produce synth blood to repair Hosts in the Body Shop, and 3D ink to make Props."

Critical Analysis Edit

"Earn more Host Codes in these advanced analysis interviews. All participating Hosts also earn extra XP. Proceed with caution - Hosts may have secrets you aren't prepared to hear."

Dr. Ford's Office Edit

"Westworld's creator and director, Dr. Ford is a quixotic genius. Learn from him here, but try to make an appointment first; he's very busy."

Calibration Edit

"The Behavior Department is always looking for ways to improve Hosts. By calibrating their software, Hosts earn XP over time."

Reveries Edit

"Created by the world's top programming minds, reveries make Hosts more sophisticated and complex, and better able to handle difficult Guests."

Costumes and Props Edit

"Costumes and Props works with Narrative to outfit Hosts with Props that boost their Attributes. Remember, a Host is only as effective as their tools."

This area is used to refine crafting materials, and is not yet available in the game.

Cold Storage Edit

Coming soon! This feature will be available in a future version.

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